Supermarket sweep gives $1,500 back to Kentucky food bank

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MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) – A raffle to support one nonprofit resulted in $1,500 worth of food going to a Hopkins County food bank.

Supermarket sweep gives $1,500 back to a food bank in Kentucky. (Source: WFIE)

What started as a raffle to support Hopkins County Happy Feet, an organization that gives a new pair of shoes to students in need, changed when Bill Rudd’s ticket number was called.

“He was like, ‘I’m going to donate it,'" said Hopkins County Board Chairman Cheri McNary. "We had all kind of talked about how neat it would be if someone would do that...He took a few days to make up his mind and he said, 'I’m going to call the Christian Food Bank. I think they would need that and like to have that.”

What Rudd decided to donate was an opportunity for a “supermarket sweep;" seven minutes of shopping at the Madisonville Sureway where the goal is pile as much food as possible into your shopping carts. Whatever you pile in is what you walk away with, up to $1,000.

“One of the committee members was like 'Hey do you guys remember the Super Market Sweep TV Show...most of us hadn’t...but when you explain it like you’ve got so many minutes to run through the grocery store, people would love that. What a great idea, and it is something new and different," McNary said.

Since Rudd decided to donate the prize, he thought someone from the food bank should be the one to run around the store and pile the carts full. That duty fell to Jarrod Thompson with the Christian Food Bank of Hopkins County.

Thompson said he was caught off guard at the idea of running around the store, but excited that the food bank would get such a donation.

As the moment drew near, Thompson was confident in his attack plan - go for the meat.

“One thing we noticed was that when people would get outside they would start eating while they’re outside, eating cold pizza and things, so we thought we could make a difference by cooking meals...So we went right to the meat. So that we will be able to provide more meals for our clients to come in," said Thompson.

As the total grew closer to $1,000 with a full cart of meat still un-scanned, officials from Sureway stepped up and donated another $500 in an attempt to cover the rest of the food.

An example of the community paying it forward, so the food bank can pay it back.

“Be grateful and understand that it’s a blessing that we’re able to get this food," said Thompson. “God always provides.”

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