Survivors pray for victims of Marshall Co. school shooting

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PADUCAH, Ky. (WKYT) - Students from Marshall County High School gathered with others at Paducah Tilghman High School Wednesday, to pray for the victims and support survivors of a deadly school shooting that happened one day before in Benton.

Two students were killed and 17 others were injured when police say a 15 year old student entered Marshall County High School Tuesday morning with a handgun and fired shots.

Police have identified the two victims as Bailey Holt, 15, and Preston Cope, 15.

The shooting started as students and staff were still getting situated for the day, Anna Lyles says she was was just walking in to school when it happened.

" I was yelling what's going on and they were just ignoring me and crying and running for their lives," Lyles said.

She and her friends were among the survivors who attended Wednesday's vigil in Paducah. Lyles says she prayed not only for the victims, but for the suspected shooter as well.

"No one really knew him but I wish we could've known him because he had us, and I would've given him a hug if we would've known what was going on in his mind" Lyles says the suspect was a member of the school band.

Keaton Campbell, another student at Marshall County High, lives just across the street from the school, she had just loaded her little brother up in the car when her phone rang with news of the shooting.

" I get a call don't go to school, there's a shooter in there. So I call my mom and said there's a shooter in there, I don't know how many I don't know how many guns he has, I don't know who he just shot, but all I see is kids just screaming across the highway and I said I don't know what to do," Campbell said.

"People say that a group of kids were standing next to him and they say they saw him draw into his pants and he pulled out the gun and at that point some of the kids saw him do that so they started running," Campbell said. "I know I'm not going back to school this week because I know everyone is going to be scared we're just going to need to support each other they can't call off school"

Shane Story, a brother of one student injured in the shooting says a teacher and another student picked his brother up and rushed him to the hospital after he had been shot in the arm.

"It just scared the hell out of me. Because he got shot in the arm, and I heard that his arm might be amputated, which there's a 90% chance he's going to keep his arm now, which I'm grateful for," Story said.

State police say five of the injured students have critical injuries, but are expected to survive.