Kentucky teachers take shots at Gov. Bevin after he says some are exhibiting 'thug mentality'

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - The war of words between some Kentucky educators and Gov. Matt Bevin continued to escalate Wednesday at a rally in Frankfort.

Victor Puente/Twitter

The rally circled around the capitol several times as teachers once again voiced concerns about Senate Bill 1, which could affect their retirement benefits.

Several school districts called off classes Wednesday, which allowed hundreds of teachers to rally to fight against pension changes.

"I know it's flawed, I know it needs to be fixed, so I think we just need to come together and find funding for we just start making cuts, because education is so important, and our public schools are our future," teacher Stacy McCarty said.

The proposed bill would cut teacher benefits in an effort to fix the state's multi-billion dollar pension liability.

In a radio interview Tuesday, Governor Matt Bevin said the opponents of the bill have been targeting a business owned by bill sponsor Sen. Joe Bowen, R - Owensboro.

"To call and harass his employees simply because he is trying to save the state's pension system -- that's the kind of thug mentality that is being dealt with, and it's unfortunate," Bevin told Talk 104.1 in Bowling Green.

Bevin says he wants Senate Bill 1 to pass this legislative session, but the Senate has yet to vote on the bill.

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