The 30th anniversary of BreyerFest attracts many visitors

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BreyerFest is celebrating its 30th anniversary at the Kentucky Horse Park. The event, which began on Friday, has attracted many visitors already.

This year BreyerFest has a special theme. It is "A Salute to Horse Heroes". Each year Breyer makes a special horse model. With this years theme, it was made after a police horse. His name is Oliver and he is the Breyer Honors Superstar Police Horse.

People of all ages have been out to the Kentucky Horse Park for the festival. They have been enjoying everything from collectors items to meet-and-greets to story telling and more.

One family traveled all the way from Tampa Bay, Florida to come to the festival. Amanda said, "We came to experience all that is BreyerFest that seems to have grown and grown over the years and just to mingle with fellow horse lovers and meet some of the horses that inspired the Breyer models."

If you have not had the opportunity to check out BreyerFest yet, there is still one more day. The event runs from 9am to 5pm Sunday.