Ronald Exantus Murder Trial: Victim's father describes son dying in his arms

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Testimony is underway in the murder trial of Ronald Exantus, who is accused of stabbing six-year-old Logan Tipton to death in Woodford County.

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Authorities say Exantus, who is from Indianapolis, broke into the Tiptons' home and stabbed the child several times before the boy's father held the man down until police arrived.

The jury trial began Monday after it took more than a week to select the 14 jurors.

During the prosecution's opening statements, jurors were able to hear the 911 call from Logan's oldest sister.

Prosecutors argue Exantus was lucid when investigators interviewed him, saying he admitted to grabbing a knife from the kitchen after entering the Versailles home.

Exantus' defense attorney Bridget Hofler is not arguing whether or not he killed the six-year-old, citing mental illness.

The defense is also arguing Exantus' past playing football may have a role in their belief that he is mentally ill.

His attorney says one coach told other coaches he thought Exantus may be bipolar.

The prosecution began calling witnesses Monday afternoon. The first witness was the 911 dispatcher who received the call from Logan Tipton's oldest sister. Prosecutors then called a paramedic who responded to the family's home.

The paramedic described the blood-covered scene where in Tipton's bedroom. He then took a look at evidence photos, which made him emotional.

Following the paramedic, Tipton's sister took the stand. She describes waking up to Logan crying as Exantus' "shadow was over him stabbing him in the head."

The sister became emotional during her testimony, while the defense did not question her account of what happened that day.

Tipton's father followed her daughter after a brief recess.

Tipton said he did not lock the door to their Versailles home that day because his wife was working third shift, and she recently broke her key. When he ran upstairs to the stabbing scene, he recalled Exantus yelling at the children to "clean their rooms" before approaching him with a knife.

Tipton said he had never seen Exantus before the stabbing, and the defense reiterated that question, saying his family was subject to hateful rumors and conspiracy theories.

The court adjourned following Dean Tipton's testimony. The trial will resume Tuesday morning.

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