Third dog dies from strep zoo; shelter treating remaining pets

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - An infection found at the Lexington Humane Society has claimed the life of another dog. There have now been three deaths from 'strep zoo' at the shelter. A third dog passed away before officials started treating all pets there.

Earlier this week, after finding out two dogs tested positive for the illness, shelter leaders quarantined all of the pets in the facility and gave them antibiotics. They've spent the last few days cleaning the shelter and providing extra treats and attention to the animals.

"We're putting out a request today because we do have some picky eaters. Some of our volunteers are picking up some chicken noodle soup. Just like people, when you don't feel good there are certain things that just taste better than others," said Humane Society President Susan Malcomb. "It's amazing how chicken noodle soup will entice some animals who aren't eating right now to eat."

Shelter leaders have moved some cats and rabbits over to PetSmart where they are up for adoption.

The Humane Society closed on Monday and will remain closed while workers treat the animals and disinfect the facility. They are scheduled to reopen on the 18th.

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