Thousands of runners turn out for Big Blue 4 Miler

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Wildcat fans from all over turned out to Go Big Blue 4 Miler at Kroger Field.

From toddlers to grown adults, nearly 1,000 runners took off Saturday for the Big Blue 4 Miler.

From toddlers to grown adults, nearly 1,000 runners took off from the starting line Saturday.

This is the third year for the race, which is a partnership between UK Athletics and Kroger Simple Truth. The partnership pushes for healthy living, which inspired the idea of a race.

"When we started there were 450, and it's grown ever since," says Bob Baney, Race Director.

Mapping out a trail that travels through UK's sports facilities; organizers came up with the 4-mile trek that finishes in the endzone of Kroger field.

"To be able to run through these facilities, it just gets you in the spirit," says Baney.

It's that chance that brought out some first-timers.

"Really interested in seeing the baseball field, that was definitely one thing we brought up that was so cool, and to finish in the end zone too," said first-time runners, Reece Schenkenfelder and Nicholas Newsome.

If that wasn't motivation enough, the winner got tickets to UK events. The race continues to be a win-win, for organizers and runners.

"The runners and the people that come out, their spirit is just contagious. You can tell all the blue that's around, they're excited about Kentucky, and they love their school," says Baney.