Three ways life changes for the better after COVID-19

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 7:39 AM EDT
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The coronavirus has created problems all across the world and brought with it negative headlines. Despite investment portfolio losses, consumer spending down, and human interaction at events down, there are a few positives Americans are learning along the way. Josh Smith, financial planning advisor of Strategic Wealth Designers joined the newscast to talk about what those positives are. “With the weather warming up, many have been outside seeing their neighbors more, walking in the neighborhood, and interacting with those people who you might have just waved at before. I know for me we’ve exchanged ‘sweet treats’ with some neighbors where we purchase some of our favorite food from local businesses and share that with the neighbors,” Smith said.

A lot has been discussed about the environment and sustainability. Venice’s canals have been clear for the first time, India’s pollution has plummeted, even notorious hot spots in the United States have seen emissions drop drastically. Smith says this could lead to a major shift in how the health of our wildlife, lands, and the way businesses look at their carbon footprint moving forward. “Sometimes things can be much better for our environment, with our firm, we’ve been forced to meet virtually with folks, that is simple and it cuts down on travel and ultimately is better for the environment.”

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