'Ticket bots' causing problems for Rupp Arena concert-goers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Many looking to purchase tickets for Justin Timberlake's upcoming Lexington concert ran into issues when buying online.

Ray Brown

"A lot of people experienced challenges in the first hour, hour and a half of trying to buy tickets because they got online and found out they're on hold and made the assumption that it's sold out," director of Rupp Arena management Carl Hall said.

Many of those tickets became available just a short time later. Those trying to purchase the ticket were not just trying to compete with other fans. They were also competing with online robots.

"They are out their trolling every show, every ticket, every time," Hall explains.

Hall says the bot tries to capture tickets and put them on hold. This way the public thinks they are all sold out. This will lead some to try to pay 2-5 time face value for the same ticket in the secondary market.

"Ticketmaster or Rupp Arena ticket office is where you should always buy tickets," Hall says. "First you'll get them at face value and second we'll guarantee they're always good."

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were still thousands of Justin Timberlake tickets available. His concert is Sept. 19.