Knox Co. deputies remember being shot in line of duty one year later

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - One year ago, what began as a routine day could have ended in tragedy for two Knox County Sheriff’s deputies.

John Wesley Bays was found hiding under a bed in a Knox County trailer and police say he came out firing at deputies Claude Hudson and Keith “Buster” Liford, who were there trying to serve a warrant.

"That day just went, went bad,” said Hudson.

It’s been a longer road to recovery for Liford, but he’s looking forward to returning to work.

"When he came around shooting, all my weight ended on my left leg. When I turned I tore something in my knee,” Liford said.

That knee injury is what has kept him from coming back to work, but Liford has also dealt with numerous other pains, scars and setbacks from the multiple gunshots he received.

"If I was not a man of faith I would be in deep dark depression,” Liford said.

Both men’s badges slowed down some of the bullets that hit them. Hudson said there were other miracles too, like their radios working in an area where they usually don’t.

"Crystal clear that day. Buster’s been shot and needs help. They heard it crystal clear,” Hudson said.

Hudson was wearing his bulletproof vest that day. Liford says his had been misplaced but credits other powers in keeping his serious injuries from turning deadly.

"However I did have my armor on. That's the armor of God,” Liford said.

Liford says it's been a tough year, but says he would not change anything because of the good that has come from the bad.

Hudson ultimately only missed a few weeks of work as a result of the incident. Liford says he hopes to return to work again as a school resource officer.

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