Poor People's Campaign protesters gain entry to Capitol for first time since judge's ruling

Published: Jul. 10, 2018 at 5:25 PM EDT
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The Poor People’s Campaign has already had a trying summer. The group has already held several protests at the state capitol, today’s demonstration being the first since a judge ruled the capitol police broke the law by denying the protesters entry to the statehouse.

After being denied entry into the capitol multiple times, it was an emotional experience for some as they went past security and through the doors of the capitol Tuesday.

Once they passed the threshold, members immediately regrouped and headed straight to Governor Matt Bevin’s office.

The demonstration was reminiscent of why the group wanted access to the capitol to begin with. The group wanted to take their concerns directly to lawmakers and state leaders.

"We are grateful for the access today but we will continue to fight for these things which we are here on behalf of,” said Tri-Chair of the Poor People’s Campaign Tanya Fogle.

Today’s message was aimed at opposing dental and vision coverage cuts for nearly half of a million Kentuckians on Medicaid.

The group was met by two Kentucky State Troopers who informed them the governor was only taking appointments today. The group left toothbrushes at the office, as a symbolic protest of the cuts.

Like other groups that have taken to Frankfort this year, members of the Poor People's Campaign say they will remember in November, when they vote to elect the future leaders of Kentucky.

"Those who call themselves people of God, who can close the doors in the people's eyes, who can take away healthcare coverage, who can take away dental and vision for folks who need it, it is not congruent with the word of God,” said Rev. Don Gilllett of the Poor People’s Campaign.

Members of the group also stopped by the capitol annex to leave messages with representatives who are currently not in session.