Touchstone Energy employees donate $9,000 to Ronald McDonald House

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Employees at Touchstone Energy have collected $9,000 worth of donations for the Ronald McDonald House through their "Give a Smile" campaign.

A volunteer sorts through donations made by Touchstone Energy to the Ronald McDonald House.

The facility serves as a temporary home for families with sick kids who have to travel for the medical care they need.

"We can never replace a true home, but if we can remove a little bit of stress out of a stressful situation then we've started to achieve our goal," Ronald McDonald House executive director Nate Graham said. "To be as close to home as possible that's what we'd like our guests to feel like."

Employees hope to use the donation money to buy things like chapstick, notebooks and snack cakes.

Touchstone Energy divided the donations between the Lexington facility and the Ronald McDonald House in Louisville.

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