Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League kicks off new season

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- For many families in Central Kentucky, baseball is a highlight of spring.
It’s also something one father never thought he would see son be able to do.

Brody Toney hasn’t been able to compete in sports leagues with other kids his age, up until about three years ago thanks to the Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League.

Saturday marked the 13th season opener for the team, giving children with special needs a place a let loose and play some ball.

"It's an amazing feeling to get out there and watch him smile and roam around and run toes over that he just laughs about it and it's just a good thing to see," said Brody’s father, Matt Toney.

The team isn’t just for the young athletes it also builds a community for parents, allowing them to connect over one big thing they have in common.

"We get to meet parents that are just like us … we're all kind of worried about the same things so you relate in a different way and you get to just hang out and watch your kiddo play ball,” said Brody’s mother, Sabrina Smith-Toney.

Organizers say whether the kids hit the ball or just do donuts in the grass, giving them the spotlight is what it’s all about.

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