Trade relations discussed at U.S. - China summit in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – As President Trump pushes back in the trade war with China, Governor Matt Bevin is meeting with Chinese leaders in Lexington to discuss trade.

Photo: WKYT/Hillary Thornton

During a three-day summit, officials and delegations from various American states and Chinese cities and provinces will come together in hopes of cultivating strong and healthy trade partnerships. This is the fifth annual U.S. - China Governors Collaboration Summit.

“What the president has made clear, and what he literally asked me to say, is to give his love to the people of China and people at this conference,” said Governor Matt Bevin. “He and President Xi have a good relationship. They are both strong leaders, both a little stubborn."

Some Chinese media members questioned the governor about the president’s actions that they believe show the opposite.

Governor Bevin explained that the president wants to modernize trade relations, and that those involved understand tariffs are not the solution.

“But they are negotiating tools, and both sides are using them quite handily,” added Bevin.

Governor Bevin says it’s not just through his experience as governor, but also as a businessman that he has come to the belief that good, strong partnerships are key.

“But we want them to be grounded in mutual benefit, and mutual respect, and that is the path we are on right now.”

Governor Bevin says, at this point, there have not been any problems from the tariffs, but that there has been a great amount of uncertainty. He believes that uncertainty will be removed by modernizing trade relations.

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