Trash glutting donations at Clark Co. Community Services

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) – Workers at Clark County Community Services are addressing concerns from the community that some donations are simply being thrown out. They say, however, there’s a reason some donations end up at the dump.

Workers claim they've found feces, dead rodents, and used needles in donation bags at the center. (Photo: WKYT/Chelsea Jones)

It's non-stop work at Clark County Community Services, with workers spending hours going through and sorting bags upon bags of donated items.

"We had a lady, she was feeling very bad,” says Debbie Fatkin, Executive Director at Clark County Community Services. “She heard that we were throwing away donations. She called because she felt that she needed to talk to us about that, and we explained we do throw away donations."

Some of the things found in donations to the center are shocking.

"We've seen human feces. We've seen animal feces. We've seen skeletons of mice."

Workers have even found used needles. Workers say throwing away dirty bins, broken items, and stinky clothes only slow them down.

Because of the sheer amount of trash, workers have to make dumpster runs every day, some days three to four runs at a time.

"Pillows that have sweat stains on them. I know their thought process, 'well if they're poor and don't have anything, then they could use that pillow."

A food pantry and thrift store, the center caters to families in need, and workers say these families deserve better.

"It's really hard to come in here and ask for help."

Workers are grateful for the donations, but they're reminding folks to keep out the trash and keep sending those gently used items.

"We're blown away by the generosity of the community and what they give us. When they give us those amazing, great things."

Clark County Community Services is asking for volunteers to help with sorting through donated items.