Traveling 9/11 memorial exhibit on display at middle school in Berea

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 7:07 PM EDT
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A unique traveling exhibit is at Farristown Middle School in Berea.

The 9/11 Never Forget mobile exhibit was created to educate people about the events of 9/11 with those Americans who may not be able to travel to New York City.

"I've been to NYC and I went to the 9/11 Memorial.. it was really solemn, going in it was really sad," Farristown Middle School student Claire Cress said.

Cress is one of the few students her age who can say that, but now others can say they understand a little more.

"We were getting information that kids were not hearing about what happened on 9/11 for whatever reason in their classrooms," Said Catherine Christman, the cousin of a firefighter named Steven Siller who responded to the attack. "We decided to start a mobile exhibit. We realize not everybody can get to New York to go to the 9/11 Memorial so we wanted to bring it to people."

It comes with footage, items from the building, and stories from those who survived the attack themselves.

Drew Hess, a student at Farristown Middle, called the memorial "touching."

It's especially touching for Christman, given her cousin Siller was just leaving work when he heard the attack, grabbed his gear and began running for miles.

"He headed for the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, which was blocked off for security purposes at the time so in order to get to the Twin Towers in Manhattan from Brooklyn, he had to run through the tunnel to the towers with more than 60 pounds of his gear," Christman said.

He died in the attack, but thanks to memorials like this, his story is now on the road for anyone to see.

The memorial isn't only open for students. Anyone in the community can stop by Farristown Middle School today or tomorrow from 5-7:00.

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