Trial begins in murder case of Marine killed outside Lexington bar

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The trial is underway for two people accused of murdering a Marine outside of Lexington bar.

Quincinio Canada and Dawan Mulazim are accused of killing Jonathan Price and injuring his wife, Megan, in the June 2014 shooting.

The couple was celebrating Megan's birthday at Austin City Saloon. Investigators said the couple was talking outside of the bar on Woodhill Drive when they were approached by two men. Police said one man attempted to snatch a purse from Megan, and when her husband intervened, a short fight broke out.

Investigators say Jonathan was shot in the back, and Megan was shot in the leg.

Four years after the shooting, the trial is now underway following a weeks-long jury selection. Both suspects could face the death penalty.

The Commonwealth started with opening statements showing Price and his wife, stating the Marine "didn't die in combat like his brothers and sisters." The jury would listen to the 911 call Megan made after suffering a gunshot wound to the leg. Prosecutors say the pair only stole $60 after the deadly shooting.

Mulazim's attorney would follow up with her opening statements, saying police "assumed" their suspects were Canada and Mulazim while disregarding evidence. One example the attorney is pointing to is DNA taken from under Jonathan Price's fingernails excludes both suspects. The defense is also arguing police photoshopped a face tattoo out of a picture of Canada which was used in a lineup.

The prosecution's first witness was paramedic Shane Hansford. He had a handgun stolen during a Lexington hotel robbery six days before the deadly shooting. Prosecutors are tying the stolen weapon to the Price's murder.

Hansford's wife was the second witness. She said she did not identify the suspects because she could not make a positive identification with complete certainty. The prosecutors' third witness, Mitchell Smith, was with the couple during the robbery.

Wednesday's testimony concluded with prosecutors calling a Lexington police officer who responded to the robbery.

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