Trinity Gay's tearful mother testifies in murder trial

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With jury selection complete, opening statements and witness testimony began Tuesday morning in the murder trial of a man accused of murdering 15-year-old Trinity Gay.

The jurors chosen will decide the fate of Chazarae Taylor, 40, who is charged with murder and wanton endangerment. Police say Taylor created an environment which led to multiple shots being fired in the parking lot of the Cookout restaurant in October of 2016. Gay was killed in the line of fire.

Three other men, D'markeo Taylor, Lamonte Williams and Dvonta Middlebrooks, are charged with wanton endangerment for their involvement.

Following opening statements, the prosecution's first witness was Gay's mother Shoshana Boyd. The murder victim's father, Olympian Tyson Gay, listened to the tearful testimony from the front row. Boyd would look at a photo of Trinity from prom wearing a blue dress. She said Trinity wanted to be a plastic surgeon and win a gold medal for her father.

Boyd testified she woke up after receiving a phone call saying her daughter was shot. Tyson Gay would call her from Florida soon after with the same news.

Logan Tomblin, a Waffle House employee working that night, was taking a break outside when the shots were fired, according to her testimony. She said she heard tires squeal, saw shots fired into the air in the Cook Out parking lot on South Broadway. Tomblin, scared for her life, ran back inside and called 911. The call audio played in court Tuesday.

Attorneys for defendants involved in the case made their individual cases during opening statements. The attorney for Lamonte Williams asked the jury to "judge Lamonte on his actions and his actions alone.”

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