Trump pushes for trillion dollar overhaul of infrastructure

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CINCINNATI (WKYT) - President Donald Trump will make a stop on Wednesday afternoon along the Ohio River.

The president will make a speech at Rivertowne Marina. He is expected to discuss the nation's transportation infrastructure. His remarks are expected include a push for a $1 trillion overhaul. The president has said he wants to modernize highways, waterways, electrical, and airway systems. Specifically, between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, President Trump is expected to talk about the need to improve bridges and levees that are crucial to our waterways.

Air Force One landed at Lunken Field, which is about a mile away from the speech location, just before one. The president met with families that he referred to as 'victims of Obamacare.'

Governor Matt Bevin showed up with his family for the announcement on Wednesday. Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton was also in attendance.

During his speech, President Trump talked about how crucial effective roadways and waterways are to American industries. President Trump is pushing for a trillion dollar overhaul of the system.

"We spend trillions and trillions outside of our nation but we can't build a road highway tunnel bridge in our nation and we watch everything fall into despair. It's time to rebuild our country to bring back our jobs, to restore our dreams, and yes it's time finally to put America first."

President Trump also addressed the issue of healthcare while in Ohio.

He met with two families on Air Force One while at the airport, "I'm joined today by two American families - great families, just met them on the plane and they've had their lives completely upended by the disaster known as 'Obamacare'. Raya Whalen from Ohio, Dan Withrow from Kentucky, two great states, and their very beautiful children, families."

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