Two bear sightings reported in Jessamine County

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Bear sightings are on the rise in Kentucky. While many areas in eastern and southern Kentucky are used to spotting the animals, some parts of central Kentucky are now seeing bears.

Jessamine County Animal Care and Control says it received two reports in the past week of a black bear roaming in the northern part of the county.

The first report came in over the weekend from people in the area of Vince Road. They got another report on Tuesday from workers at Taylor Made Farm on Union Mill Road.

"Not a normal day at work, no it wasn't," said Taylor Made employee Cindy Muessig. "It was pretty exciting around here."

"Added some spice to an already lively place," said Taylor Made President Duncan Taylor. "Of course, everyone else thought we were crazy too until there were other sightings."

Normally, Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome is one of the more popular four-legged animals on the farm. A bear stole his thunder.

"I was sitting here working and all of the sudden I caught a glimpse of bear out my window standing right outside that ledge," Muessing said.

There have been a number of bear sightings across Southern and Central Kentucky. John Hast with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says the black bear population is both increasing and expanding. He also says you can expect bear sightings in Kentucky this time of year.

"In the month of June, young bears are getting kicked out of their mother's care. At the same time, the breeding season starts and young males are trying to kill them and establish dominance. So, as these numbers increase, more of these young bears will get out into Central Kentucky," Hast said.

Although bears are becoming more common in the Bluegrass, it's safe to say it's a rare sighting for those at Taylor Made Farm.

"Never saw a bear in my life, no. Never even dreamed of seeing a bear. When they said they saw a bear, and I was upstairs in my office, I said 'it couldn't be.'"

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