UK: All students eligible for housing now assigned

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The University of Kentucky said all students eligible for housing now have a room.

UK campus

A record first-year enrollment and high retention rates led to more than 300 students without a housing assignment last month.

The university said it was able to accommodate all of the students through various adjustments. Converting multi-purpose rooms into bedrooms, it turns out, wasn't required.

Spokesman Jay Blanton said about half of the university's roughly 180 resident assistants agreed to live with a roommate in exchange for financial compensation.

"The RA's are receiving some incentives because that is a little different than they expected, and what we had talked about. So they're receiving some incentives in terms of a credit card with some dollars to help with expenses," Blanton said. "They're stepping up. They're being great student leaders."

The university also moved about 30 BCTC students to the University Inn.

UK has added nearly 7,000 beds to its 14 residence halls on campus in the past five years. Blanton said this problem was something the university planned for.

"It was contemplated at times that, 'Hey, at times there's going to be a capacity issue' and when you do, these rooms were built and designed in fact with pretty much the same amenities as the other rooms," he said.

About 7,000 students will be moving in over the coming days.

The fall semester begins Aug. 26th.

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