UK: Employee believed to be behind public shaming of student undergoing radiation treatments

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The University of Kentucky believes an employee was behind the public shaming of student who had her car vandalized while parked legally in a handicapped spot.

Lexi Baskin, a pharmacy student at UK, said she discovered her car covered in colored printed signs saying "shame on you", "not handicap, just lazy", and many more.

"There was a letter from whoever wrote it, which was in the tweet. It said basically that I was a horrible person for taking someone's parking spot even though I looked fine", says Lexi Baskin, UK pharmacy student.

On Friday, the university says it identified an employee as the violator in the incident. According to officials, they suspended that employee pending an investigation.

Jay Blanton, UK Spokesperson, released a statement saying:
" The University of Kentucky and Transportation Services deeply regret that a student was subjected to this as there are many reasons an individual may have an ADA accessible permit that may not be readily observable. It’s important to be clear: this unfortunate action was that of a rogue individual unaffiliated with Transportation Services or our police department. UK is a community of belonging for everyone, regardless of identity or perspective, and part of that means ensuring everyone is treated with respect and dignity. This situation has been referred to UK Police for follow up. Moreover, our Disability Resource Center has reached out to the student to determine how we can help. We work with hundreds and hundreds of students throughout the school year on these issues to help ensure that everyone on our campus feels a sense of belonging to this community.”

Lexi says that last summer doctors discovered a tumor in her brain stem, which has since been removed, but she is still undergoing radiation treatment. She says the radiation treatment makes her dizzy and fatigued at time, which is why Lexi got a handicap placard for her vehicle.

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