UK HealthCare resident raising funds for Ecuadorian earthquake victims

Published: Apr. 21, 2016 at 3:51 PM EDT
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UK HealthCare resident Dr. Ana Albuja was in Ecuador when the earthquake hit. She was in the region hit hardest just two days earlier.

"Their houses are not built in a good way. The architecture is not good. Their houses have been destroyed now. They need the money now and they will need the money for several years," said Dr. Albuja of the area hardest hit.

She wanted to do something for her home country. She and her husband started an online donation campaign. They have the support of close to 100 other physicians.

"We are so grateful that people are so generous. And I think everyone feels for us and knows what's going on in Ecuador, and Ecuadorians in the United States they all want to help."

So far, Dr. Albuja and her colleagues have raised more than half of their $100,000 goal.