UK Police enhancing security after warning about sexual predator

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The University of Kentucky says it's taking extra steps to protect students as police search for a man behind a string of sexual assaults.

On Wednesday, Lexington police issued an alert, warning that sexual assaults in the campus area could be connected. Thursday, UK Police told WKYT they're enhancing security on the edge of campus.

On August 26th, just after midnight, a man attempted to sexually assault a woman walking near Grosvenor and Arlington Avenues. He was chased off by two other men. On Wednesday, Lexington police released a sketch of the suspect. They also said he could be behind several other assaults near the University of Kentucky over the past several years.

Since then, UK Police said they've been dealing with a lot of rumors that had begun circulating on social media and through text messages.

"We are not aware of any serial rapist on campus. There have been no incidents that have occurred on campus that are tied to possibly anything that occurred off-campus," UK Police Chief Joe Monroe.

But some students say they wish they had been made aware of the off-campus investigations. They say if it hadn't been for social media they wouldn't have known the attack happened.

"I would've had no idea if I wouldn't have been a part of a message," said freshman Hanna Semega.

Another freshman, Brady Stein said, "I feel like there should have been because that's a big safety concern. With a big campus like this and a city like Lexington you kind of have to have a grasp on that type of thing."

The university has a safety alert system, but Chief Monroe says the circumstances of this case didn't warrant its use.

"We send alerts out when there is an immediate threat campus. This incident occurred 2 1/2 weeks ago. The schedule was released last night so that the information we received does not pose an immediate threat to campus at this time."

Chief Monroe wanted to remind students that the university does offer escorts on campus and rides late at night thought the Kentucky Wildcab service.

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