UK Sanders-Brown Center addressing elder care challenges amid COVID-19 during annual summit

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - COVID-19 is hitting the elderly harder than any other age group, and it's causing concerns for family members and caretakers.


The UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging is tailoring its annual summit towards social distancing and living in a COVID world.

Nursing homes became hotbeds for COVID-19 early in it's spread across America and, as a result, visitors stopped. The challenge of caring for an already very high-risk population became even more difficult.

Officials with the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging are using their annual summit to bring light to some of these issues and how to address them.

"Have that intentional connection with that resident so that they're not just managing their care, they're actually connecting on a personal level because that's really so important because people are just in their rooms," Kelly Parsons, speaker,

Talks will be held on Mondays and Fridays through the start of June, hitting on topics like advance care planning, caregiving, and ways to overcome challenges in long-term care facilities.

"Because we're serving older adults, and older adults are not only most susceptible to getting the virus, and yet we know that all the things we typically do in normal life, like physical activity and social interaction are all so important," said Shani Bardach, Summit Organizer. "So, it's really important to find ways to replace some of those things you would otherwise do, to still find ways to stay healthy and maintain quality of life."

The conferences will be presented live through zoom, or you can call in and hear the presentation over the phone.