UK faculty practices emergency response training

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- The Campus Emergency Response Team at the University of Kentucky spent the Thursday simulating disasters all to help train faculty on what to do if a disaster becomes a reality.

The response team set up inside an old residence hall to create the perfect scenario for staff to learn from.

"So an earthquake has caused some structural collapse in one of our old residence halls that is no longer being used," says Laurel Wood with the Department of Division Crisis Management. "It's the perfect space for us to have an exercise like this that is not being used by the students currently."

Officials say the drill prepares the faculty to understand what they would need to do and how to react in an actual emergency situation at work or home.

"What we hope is that they will go back to their work environments and in their home and implement preparedness initiatives in their workplaces and their home," says Wood.

Officials say the exercise on Thursday was the largest scenario they have ever recreated.

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