UK fan shown on viral video using racial slur permanently banned from all athletic events

A video of a UK fan using a racial slur during a game continues to gain attention.
A video of a UK fan using a racial slur during a game continues to gain attention.(WKYT)
Published: Mar. 5, 2020 at 11:45 AM EST
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A UK fan caught on video using a racial slur after the UK-Tennessee game Tuesday has been permanently banned from all UK Athletics events.

The video-first posted on Twitter has now gone viral.

UK administrators are reacting to the incident and we're hearing from the woman in the video for the first time.

We now know the name of the person in this video is Ashley Lyles. She is now apologizing to UK and the entire state for her actions.

You can see Lyles leaving Rupp Arena after the Kentucky men's basketball team lost to Tennessee. A Tennessee fan asks her why she was leaving, at that point-she responds using a racial slur.

UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart tweeted the university's decision to ban Lyles.

Lyles sent us this statement Thursday morning:

I messed up. I did something I terribly regret. My reaction after the game was unacceptable, period. It was against all values of the University and State of Kentucky.  I humbly apologize to the individuals at which my words were directed. My words were hurtful and hateful and have no place in this world. I apologize to the University and state of Kentucky for the embarrassment I have caused. I want my apology not just to be in words, but in actions moving forward.

The UK sports department also apologized for Lyles' behavior.

Some are saying the response from Lyles came too late.

A local NAACP leader we spoke with says the words people use matter.

"This bigger issue, of course, is that this is a society issue," said Adrian Wallace. "That this is indicative of far too many people who are fans and patronize Rupp Arena."