UK football player helps kick off heart walk campaign

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The American Heart Association is kicking off their annual heart walk campaign.

UK football player Kenneth Horsey spoke at the 2020 Heart Walk Kickoff Luncheon (WKYT)

The Central Kentucky Heart Walk Kickoff Luncheon was held Thursday at Malone's Prime in Lexington.

UK football player Kenneth Horsey, a heart survivor, talked to a packed room and told them all about his surgery and his recovery.

Horsey was a high school senior in 2018 when doctors discovered a bacterial infection on his heart valve. He had open heart surgery to remove it.

The surgery kept him from playing. He was sidelined for months. Now, he continues to fight for heart health for all by sharing his story and supporting the American Heart Association.

"It's important for people to come out here and donate and show their support," said Horsey. "These are real people. If I was just walking down the street you would never know that I had heart surgery. You would never know the struggles I've been through. You would never know my stories. So it's important for me to tell you guys that now while we're at events like this, so you can help friends."

The Central Kentucky Heart Walk will held May 9th at Keeneland.