UK students affected by Texas flooding; campus launches program to help

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- The University of Kentucky community has a launched a program to help students in need that were affected by the Texas flood.

The university is establishing an emergency assistance and relief fund, providing an outlet for students, faculty, and staff to help their own. There are at least 70 students on the UK campus come from an area impacted by Harvey.

One of those students is, Lauren Winkler, whose parents' home in Texas was flooded from the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Winkler's parents were trapped in their home and waded out into the water to find help.

"My dad had our big dog on his shoulders and a good samaritan got them in a boat and took them to a shelter," says Winkler.

She says her parents lost everything on the first floor of the home and are now staying with a friend of a friend in the Houston area.

Although Winkler says she wishes she was home helping her parents, she says she finds peace in knowing the university wants to help students affected by the flood with the new program.

"It's awesome they are trying to do something because they don't have to," says Winkler. "We are here safe and sound and dry here in Kentucky."

University spokesman Jay Blanton says students all over campus have wanted to help victims of the flood in some way.

"We put students at the center of everything we do," says Blanton. "That means every member of our campus is special to us."

UK officials say the fund can be used again for any future disasters or events that impact students.

In the coming weeks, officials will start taking applications from students who were affected by the flooding and then consider the amount of funding given.

Link to donate is below:

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