UK students take time out to watch President Bush's funeral

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - American’s across the country took time out of their days to say goodbye to the nation’s 41st President earlier today, and that includes some who weren’t even born when George H.W. Bush took office in 1989.

The students who gathered at the University of Kentucky’s Cat’s Den on campus today were there to prep for their finals, do homework and eat lunch. But some couldn’t help but notice a piece of history playing out all around them.

As coverage devoted to Bush’s funeral service’s played on monitors and TVs around campus, some students felt it was necessary to stop and watch history unfold.

“It’s nice to look and see what they have done and where we are today. The progress that has changed, and I think we can all say we are really grateful for him and what he’s done for us,” said Junior Taylor McCane about the late Bush.

Other students saw the services as an opportunity to learn more about a President who might be unknown to most their age.

“I just kind of take into account what other people are saying about him and his policies. Try to get more fact over opinion,” said Sophomore Tristan Hooks.

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