UK students with mumps up to date on vaccinations

Published: Feb. 22, 2016 at 12:17 PM EST
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We have new information on the mumps outbreak at the University of Kentucky.

The three students who contracted mumps were vaccinated, according to UK.

The school doesn't know what caused a recent outbreak of mumps on campus.

Cases of swollen jaws started appearing early this month.

Confirmation came over the weekend that three of those swollen jaw cases were cause by mumps.

UK says because there's a 25-day incubation period for mumps, there could be more sick students.

"The majority of students on campus are likely to have received two doses of MMR vaccine," said Derek Forster, an infectious disease doctor with UK. "For students who have not received two doses of the vaccine or are unsure if they've received two doses of the vaccine, we are recommending that they do that."

A clinic is being scheduled to address vaccination needs on campus.

UK contends those who do come down with mumps after vaccination are in better shape.

"People who get mumps who've recently been vaccinated, you have a lower risk for those complications and that's another reason behind the recommendations to make sure they're up to date with those two doses."

It's not required by UK that students be vaccinated although its recommended.

The MMR vaccine is a requirement for public schools.