UK's Abbey Cheek named Athlete of the Week

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 4:33 PM EDT
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Abbey Cheek is now Kentucky's all-time home runs leader and she currently has 53 career homers and counting.

"It is awesome,” said Abbey Cheek. “The work I have put it and having my teammates behind me to help me accomplish that is really cool."

"It is cool this year because we have asked her to be better with her pitch selection so she isn't able to free swing as much as before,” said head coach Rachel Lawson. “It has been an awesome accomplishment for her."

With two homers Saturday at Arkansas, Abbey Cheek is up to 53 and counting. This season alone, she has twelve, a pace that could place Abbey as the fourth Kentucky All-American.

"It is impressive,” said Lawson. “It is so hard off the bat and it is a pretty swing. Her singles look like her home runs. It is so fun because you don’t have the pleasure of being around an athlete that has that speed and power very often so when you do as an athlete you respect it and love watching every moment of it."

Abbey has loved every moment of her time at Kentucky, but as a senior, she knows that time is coming to an end.

"I am trying to live every day to the last minute, every game. It is crazy because you turn around and we will be at Regionals like it is going to be so fast."