Venomous snake bite prompts warning for Kentucky hikers

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STANTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman bitten by a venomous snake in the Red River Gorge prompted a safety reminder Wednesday.

Photo courtesy: MGN

Powell County Search and Rescue says the hiker was bitten by a copperhead snake on Martins Fork Trail.

The woman was bitten on the ankle and was carried off the trail to an ambulance. The hiker's current condition is unclear.

The search and rescue team reminds hikers to wear boots and long pants and to watch where you step.

They also say something as simple as a walking stick can be a handy item when you're hitting the trails. If you come across a brush pile or large branches in the trees, you can use the stick to move things out of the way to make sure you're not coming across those slithering creatures.

"You have to be careful where you walk, you gotta remember you are in the snakes territory. Any animal that's in the woods, you are in their territory, this is their home," said Lisa Johnson, with the search and rescue team. "Use your common sense. You wouldn't wear heels to a swimming pool. Wear boots and long pants when you are out hiking in the forest and the woods."

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