Veterinarians warn against leaving pets outside during extreme cold

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - These freezing temperatures aren't just a problem for people, they can also pose a threat to pets.

Some local veterinarians tell us when it gets this cold your best bet is bringing them inside.

"If you’re going out and you got gloves and mittens and a jacket then you need to be concerned for your pets too," said Dr. Will McCaw with McCaw Veterinary Clinic in Nicholasville.

Even animals who normally live outside can be in danger.

"We can have frostbite hit our puppy dogs, they can actually freeze to death even if they’re normally fine out and they have a doghouse and a shelter," said Dr. Butch Schroyer with the Animal Care Clinic

As it gets colder making sure pets have clean, dry shelter with bedding and a floor off of the ground is important, but at a certain point it's just too cold to keep them outside.

"When it gets dark outside bring them in the house," Schroyer said. "Use a dog crate if you don’t want them running around, at least they can stay in and stay warm."

And if they are outside during the day both vets say making sure they have access to water, which can freeze over quickly, is important to prevent dehydration.

Fayette County Animal Care and Control says that if you see an animal with inadequate shelter you can give them a call.

They say in most cases owners aren't intending to put their animals in danger and that can be a chance to educate them.

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