WATCH | Rand Paul blasts taxpayer-funded study over quail sex habits on cocaine

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WASHINGTON (WKYT) - Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is highlighting what he believes is wasteful government spending to advocate his balanced budget plan.

Sen. Paul began highlighting various taxpayer-funded projects including an unfinished Afghanistan hotel, a study on supernatural events in Alaska and Pakistani student trips to Space Camp and Dollywood.

One of Paul's top targets was the National Science Foundation, which is a federal agency supporting research and education in science and engineering.

Paul would also target an NSF study about cocaine and risky sex habits of the Japanese quail, which he says cost taxpayers more than $356,000. The senator would later joke, saying he is expecting hate mail from supporters of the federal agency.

The senator made the speech in support of his "Penny Plan" balanced budget proposal looks to cut spending one percent. He has hinted his vote will not see enough Republican support because "they're only for spending restraint in theory."

The Senate voted 76-21 to reject Paul's plan.

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