WATCH | Pulaski Co. man suspects car trouble, finds armadillo under hood

Published: Oct. 18, 2016 at 5:01 PM EDT
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A Pulaski County man thought he was having car trouble but ended up finding an unexpected guest under his hood.

According to a Facebook post, the man left on Tuesday morning for work and noticed scratches on his vehicle. He thought a dog caused the damage. As he made the drive to work, he heard noises under his hood. After arriving at work, he opened the hood of his car and discovered an armadillo.

At that point, someone contacted the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Officers with Fish and Wildlife worked to free the armadillo from the car. After getting it loose, it took off running through the parking lot. The officers were able to chase down the animal.

Armadillos are not native to southern Kentucky, though they are known to inhabit portions of western Kentucky.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is still trying to figure out from where the animal came.