WHITLEY CO. FLOODING: Officials keeping close eye on river

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - The floodwaters have stopped rising in Williamsburg, but a lot of roads remain covered in water and were closed at both ends Monday.

The heavy rain from this weekend not only covered roads, it also flooded football and baseball fields.

Parking lots that used to end at the river banks, are now under that river.

The flooding stretches across the county and for some this is the most water they’ve seen in quite a while.

One family told WKYT's Victor Puente they had to move their chicken because the water rose up into their cages. They said it wasn’t the first time they’ve had to do this but the last time was more than 15 years ago.

The director of the counties emergency management says they had one water rescue over the weekend when a woman drove into high water but other than that they haven’t had any serious issues.

With more rain on the way they expect more closed roads and to have to keep a close eye on that rising water.

Some roads like Kentucky 1804 that were closed have since reopened. The emergency management director says that the river might not crest until Thursday and some of the closed roads won’t reopen until then.