WKYT Interactive | Everything you need to know about the Capital Plaza Tower demolition

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Police and emergency managers are sharing advice for anyone who is expected to be near the Capital Plaza Tower ahead of its March 11 demolition in Frankfort.


"Our goal is making sure the citizens are safe however they get to watch the implosion because it is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event," Frankfort police captain Chris Quire said.

Quire and others are working closely with state leaders, who are in charge of the demolition, as large crowds are expected to see Frankfort's tallest building go down.

"The area will be clearly marked," Quire explains, "You will know where you are allowed to go. Please abide by any barriers, tape, or officers out standing. The zone is in place for your safety"

Some live within close proximity to the tower, and police are asking them to shelter in place during the demolition.

"People with respiratory problems need to just stay indoors and away from vents," Franklin County Emergency Management Director Tom Russell said. Turning off your air conditioning is not mandatory.