WKYT Investigates | Getting rid of robocalls

Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 9:28 AM EDT
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Tired of getting those telemarketing calls? Does it seem like the robocalls never stop?

"Everybody's annoyed by them," notes Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau. "The problem comes if you keep answering these robocalls. And further, if you fall for whatever it is that they want."

Clary says the people behind the robocalls are looking for that next victim.

"They are just calling to steal money, private information, your identity, all kinds of information out of you. And the more activity you give some of these callers on the line the more likely they are to call again and share your information with their con artist friends."

So what can you do to stop the unwanted phone calls? You can sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry, but that doesn't guarantee they won't try you again.

"Just like there are laws that people break all the time - speeding on the interstate, robbing a bank - unless police catch you, you get away with it. Same thing is happening with the phone calls," says Clary. "A lot of people want to get these mechanisms they can install on their phones to stop to robocalls, block them, but you can do it yourself for free."

Clary recommends you just decline the call, or if you have to take it, immediately hang up.

"The less action you give on the line the less likely they are to keep pestering you, and they'll move on to somebody else," she notes.

Clary says the robocalls they are getting the most complaints about right now are social security scams, involving people pretending to be with the Social Security Administration.