WKYT Investigates | Neighbors take to social media to shame other homeowners

Published: May. 6, 2019 at 6:19 PM EDT
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Behind most beautiful neighborhood entrances is another community that many times isn't as pretty as the neighborhood streets.

Neighborhood Facebook groups are a growing trend and a communication line for everyone living in the neighborhood. However, sometimes the Facebook groups aren't very neighborly.

"It happens in all neighborhoods, but it's kind of like the dirty laundry of the neighborhood aired out on social media," explained Broker Trey McCallie with Urban Toolbox in Lexington.

McCallie said potential buyers of homes usually check the neighborhood groups before deciding to purchase a home.

"For the buyers, it's probably a realistic preview of what the neighborhood is all about," he said.

But the information and questions posed on the pages aren't all bad. Chris Stevenson is an active participant on his neighborhood Facebook page.

"It's really in a lot of ways turned into the new gathering place as a matter of convenience."

Stevenson said the majority of posts are just asking for help or trying to help others.

University of Kentucky journalism professor Kakie Urch said she believes there's more good than bad for neighbors using the social media platform.

"More and more people aren't talking to their neighbors at all," Urch said.

However, she said because neighbors don't talk face to face anymore, the comments can be downright rude. She even said some have gone as far as criticizing other people's children.

Stevenson agrees sometimes, but not often, people take things way too far on social media.

"Sometimes it does," Stevenson said. "Not long ago we had someone choose to take pictures of all the cars parked on the street on the wrong side, and they had some justified frustrations, but at the same time, it wasn't necessarily the right channel."

Urch said social media is a common place for conflict, but people should instead utilize neighborhood groups for a positive impact.

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