WKYT Investigation Update| Supporters show up for Amish farmer's federal hearing

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - An Amish farmer facing a 12-count federal indictment appeared in federal court in Lexington on Monday. The charges against Samuel Girod include conspiracy, distributing misbranded drugs, and threatening a witness.

He appeared in court Monday on a new charge of failure to appear in court. Police arrested Girod last month after he missed a status hearing back in August.

The charges stem from a case filed by the federal government over the labeling of Girod's products.

Family friend Sally Oh told WKYT when we spoke with her last month, "It said 'Chickweed Salve' up top, then on down said 'Cures Cancer.' Which for some people it did, but he can't say that. So he changed it to say 'Healing Chickweed,' but they said 'no you can't say healing.' So now it just says 'Original Chickweed.'"

Since the 2015 indictment, Girod fired his appointed attorney and is now representing himself - trying hard to clear his name.

Supporters showed up outside of the courtroom on Girod's behalf on Monday. Oh said the entire case is blown out of proportion.

"It's outrageous because the man makes a healing salve - a salve that he's made for 20 years, that people love. It's a huge seller. He gets repeat business - and they want to put him in jail now for 68 years? And we started with a labeling infraction!"

The judge set another court date for Feb. 22 in the case. The trial remains scheduled for Feb. 27.