Walking Dead star visits iconic Powell Co. pizzeria

SLADE, Ky. (WKYT) – It’s not uncommon to see a big crowd at Miguel’s Pizza in Red River Gorge: the restaurant is known all over the world among rock climbers. On Monday, however, it was a famous biker and television actor who soaked up the attention with a stop at the pizzeria.

Photo: Mark Ventura

The owners at Miguel’s say they had an idea that Norma Reedus and his crew would be stopping by, but they also had renovations they were in the middle of, and were working to finish before he made his trip to the gorge.

It was a few months ago when producers with AMC's ‘Ride with Norman Reedus,’ reached out to the owners.

“AMC had contacted us saying they would be showing up,” says Mark Ventura, of Miguel’s. “I don’t think they gave much detail because they didn’t want the word getting out that they would be here with Norman.”

The owners were happy to have him, but in the middle of a big project of their own, a complete renovation of their kitchen, and an expansion of their dining room, the demand for their food was overtaking their ability to make it.

“We had drywall, hadn’t done the drywall yet so she was very concerned whether or not it would be done in time,” says Ventura.

Renovations got completed, though, with only a few weeks to spare.

The Walking Dead star and his crew showed up Monday, stopping at Miguel’s, as well as at nearby Sky Bridge Station in Wolfe County.

“I am a huge Walking Dead fan, so when I walked in and saw who it was I was kind of stunned. I had that fan vibe going.”

In his biking show, Reedus highlights areas while riding his motorcycle through them.

Ventura's father, Miguel, was interviewed for the show and will be in the episode featuring the Red River Gorge.

“We had new people that were eating pizza, and obviously came up, and was like ‘Can I take a photo all the stuff,’ and he was all about it. He didn’t mind at all.”

Now that Norman has come and gone, Miguel’s is gearing up for more excitement, as warmer weather will draw bigger crowds.

At least now they'll have somewhere to put them.

“We are going to take a break after this, as far as renovations go,” says Ventura.

The owners say they don’t know exactly when the episode will air, but they were told it will likely be sometime around Christmas.

‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ is currently in its third season.