Walmart apologizes for use of racial slur in product description

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Walmart is apologizing after a listing for a wig cap on their website used a racial slur in the description. ( Posts below include offensive language)

The listing for 'Jagazi Natural's Full Cap Weaving Net Durable Stretchy' on listed the color as 'N***** Brown.'

Word of the description spread after a user on Twitter shared a screenshot of the page.

A Google search still shows the description for the product. However, when you click on the listing, a message stating the site is having technical difficulties appears.

CBS News is reporting that Walmart said it was "appalled that this third-party seller listed their item with this description on our online marketplace."

Jagazi Naturals, which is based in England, posted that it had nothing to do with the posting and that someone used their company name to list the item.

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