Water floods Transy dorm, students evacuated

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A broken water pipe forced several students out of their dorm rooms Monday at Transylvania University.

Michele Sparks, Vice President of Marketing at Transylvania, said a water pipe leading to the sprinkler system at Forrer Hall burst just before 11 p.m.

Water seeped into ten rooms of the freshman dormitory, Sparks said. Seven students in those rooms were moved to other halls.

A viewer sent WKYT video from inside Forrer Hall. In it, you can see water flowing down a stairwell. The same viewer also sent a picture. It shows standing water in a hallway.

Sparks said it's too early to put a price tag on the damages.

Physical Plant workers, and a crew with Serv Pro, cleaned up what they could.

Michele Sparks, a spokesperson for Transylvania, says there are fans lining the hallways on the second floor, drying up any remaining water.

Many students have already left for Thanksgiving break. Some told WKYT that items in their bedrooms were damaged by the water.

"We always suggest that students come on campus with some sort of insurance. You can get renter's insurance for your residence halls, but we are looking at ways that will be able to help students if they had any significant damage to their rooms," Sparks said. "The damage last night was not significant at all, and our crews were on site almost immediately when the pipes burst. We also brought in local experts to help us extract the water. The halls are lined now with fans trying to air it out, and dry it all out. So we are fortunate that it wasn't worse than it was."

Wednesday is the last day of classes at Transy this week. Sparks said students should be able to return to their dorms before classes resume on Monday.

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