Water mains break under the stress of the changing weather

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Crews with Kentucky American Water have had to fix several water main breaks over the past 24 hours. Those water main breaks are caused by very dry weather, and then, lots of rain. One water main that broke was at the corner of Crestview and Albany during the early morning hours. It is just one of many water main breaks in Lexington alone.

Kentucky American Water crews work quickly to fix a broken water main.

"Since Saturday alone we have had more than 20 main breaks that our crews have worked diligently to fix," Susan Lancho with Kentucky American Water said.

Almost three inches of rain in Lexington from Sunday into Monday puts stress on water mains. The drastic change in the weather is what caused them to break.

"What has happened is between the ground being so hard and so dry before and then having that sudden couple days of good drenching rain, the ground has shifted again," Lancho said. "That has resulted in quite a few main breaks the last couple of days."

Kentucky American Water is working as fast as they can to fix broken water mains. They ask that if you see work being done, watch out for their workers.

"If motorists are coming into an area, driving into an area, where they see our crews working we really appreciate them to use extra caution because often our guys and women are working near or in the street," Lancho said.

While water main breaks aren't super common for this time of year, they are still possible, especially as we enter into colder months.

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