Wayne County daycare worker accused of taunting 2-year-old while co-worker recorded

Diana Willett (left) and Tasha Cox (right)
Diana Willett (left) and Tasha Cox (right)(WKYT)
Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 11:20 AM EDT
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Two Wayne County daycare workers are facing charges after authorities say one taunted a 2-year-old child while the other recorded it on video.

Arrest records say deputies arrested Diana Willett of Monticello and charged her with first-degree criminal abuse after video surfaced of shaking a doll at the small child while the 2-year-old was backed underneath a table. Deputies say Willett did this knowing the child had a fear of dolls and small animals.

The daycare, Wendy's Wonderland, had previously received notice of the child's fears.

Deputies also arrested Tasha Cox of Monticello for failure to report child abuse as she is accused of recording the taunting on video and posting it on Facebook.

The daycare operator tells WKYT the employees were using different techniques to help the child and doesn't believe the employees did anything wrong.

A parent who was dropping off the child at the daycare also said she had no problems with the services she receives.

“From what I know it’s one complaint from one parent who is unhappy," Samantha Daniel said. "No interviews that I know of with any other parent. No allegations from any other parent.”

WKYT has attempted to reach out to the parent of the 2-year-old.

Both suspects were released after posting bond.