Lexington officials report no major accidents due to snow, continue to treat roads

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Road crews hit the streets of Lexington around 11 a.m. Friday, ahead of an expected winter storm that could lead to snow and ice on the roads.

Rain earlier in the day turned roads slippery for drivers Friday morning, and crews worry that when the temperatures drop, those puddles could turn into ice.

Officials say the areas drivers should take extra caution with are side streets and parking lots, areas many county and state road crews will not focus immediate attention on.

They are also spots where ice and then snow may accumulate fast.

City officials are also suggesting that people stay home unless the absolutely have to head out onto the roads.

"Obviously if you don't have to get out on the roads, if they are bad, and you don't have to get out on the roads, don't. Just what we say every time we start talking about bad weather," Albert Miller of Lexington Streets & Roads, said.

Snow removal crews will be working 12-hour shifts once the snow starts. Officials want people to keep in mind there is a method to their clearing routes.

"Nicholasville Road, that’s rank one, and that’s what we do we start on rank one and once we get those done, we go to two and so on and so forth, until I get to rank four. So patience is key very much so,” said Mayor Gray.

LexTran buses will be operating under the Snow Plan from 7 p.m. Friday into Saturday.

Friday night into Saturday morning, Lexington police responded to 24 traffic calls with no major injury accidents. Two of those calls were for minor injury collisions.

Police also say there are no road closures due to winter weather.

As of 6 a.m. Saturday, Lexington crews had used a total of 767 tons of salt.

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