What spring allergy sufferers need to know as season ramps up

Published: Apr. 2, 2019 at 7:31 PM EDT
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It’s almost that time of the year again.

You guessed it: allergy season.

While it’s been feeling like spring for a few weeks now, we finally have a few more trees and blooming flowers to accompany the weather. But that means bad news for allergy sufferers.

While allergens from grasses and weeds stay low for now, the warmer weather returning means more trees and flowers will start to bloom and release pollen into the air causing a spike for those suffering from allergies. Lexington's top allergens at this time are related to Juniper, Maple and Elm trees, according to allergy forecasts.

But don’t be a distressed, there are load of solutions to help during the spring season.

“More severe symptoms will sometimes require allergy shots in order to abate those types of systems. So, while a lot of it can be managed over the counter, but for some folks it may require the assistance of your primary care physician and even potentially an allergist if necessary,” said emergency physician Dr. Ryan Stanton.

Many allergy and asthma centers in Lexington are also filling up their spring appointments, so if you need to see an allergist, you should schedule that appointment as soon as possible.