#Wheeliepup: Firefighters rescue puppy stuck in spare tire

COACHELLA, Calif. (CNN) - California firefighters had to rescue a puppy that got its head stuck in a spare tire.

Firefighters in California rescued a 3-month-old puppy after its head got stuck in a wheel. (Source: @HelpinRivcoPETS/Twitter via CNN)

Riverside County officials responded to a call on Wednesday only to find a tire rim wrapped around the 3-month-old dog’s neck.

They tried to use oil to lubricate its neck to get it free but ultimately had to sedate the animal.

Firefighters were able to cut the wheel enough to safely remove the dog.

Animal service officials said the dog was resting and they planned to reunite it with its owners.

They shared pictures of the rescue on social media and even gave the pup a nickname: #Wheeliepup.

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