Whitley Co. EMS reveals new ambulance inspired by young cancer patients

Published: May. 10, 2017 at 11:22 AM EDT
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7-year-old Reed Elliot did not show up to school on the bus nor was he dropped off by his parents. Instead, he chose a different type of transportation to school on Wednesday morning.

Reed strolled to school in a Whitey County Ambulance, but not for the reason most would think.

Reed battled lymphoma twice but is now cancer free.

"Last week he got his final scan, and everything is gone," Reed's mother, Larrietta Elliotte said. "So the Lord healed him this time without using any kind of treatment. It's been a terrifying journey but the outcome has been wonderful."

To help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer, Whitley County EMS chauffeured Reed to school and revealed their new look for the ambulance. It features Reed's handprints along with the handprints of numerous other children who have battled or are battling cancer.

For Kelly Harrison, the Director of Whitley County EMS, seeing Reed's reaction to the ambulance was priceless.

"Everything came true today when he came out of that car and ran and ran up to his name, and his handprint. It was special."

The tiny handprints not only made their mark on the outside of the ambulance, but also on many hearts through out the community.

"To honor them back is something that gives us a lot of pride," Harrison said. "And the little man there has fought a battle and we stand behind him just like we do all children in Whitley County."

Reed made sure his classmates got a look inside the new ambulance. He also showed off his handprints.

Reed's family says they are just thankful for everyone in the community who has stood by their son every step of the way.